Quality and service

Equipment, quality and service

Team works means fighting for reaching the objectives without individualism: What is good for everyone is good for every worker; there is no barrier in our way of working. Everyone has his or her responsibilities in the product but has to work in team in each phase of the project.

Product quality is our first goal. Fabrics, system, control, etc. All these elements combined have to result in the best product at the best price.

The best service provided to our clients is our goal. From design to delivery to the different points of sale, it consists in continuous improvement to give the best services as quickly as possible.

Custom made

Our manufacturing process allows us to make any reasonable modification to our dresses and design.

Making a modification in the design doesn´t cause a problem to our craft sewing system.

Our dresses are custom-made; any change in the fabrics, patterns or colors is made to create an “haute couture” dress.

All our clients are different and unique. Their customers are also ours. We know their needs and we will answer them as if they were ours. The quality in the service is essential.

There is no limit in sizes. We can also virtually provide real-time service; the distance only can be a barrier to our service. One week for Europe, two weeks for the Middle East and three weeks for America. Our answer will always be: yes.

It is difficult to offer a product more up-to-date. This is the basis of our work system and of our success.

Certificate of authenticity

All designs made by ManuAlvarez and Franc Sarabia include, as hallmark of quality and authenticity, customized fillings with the brand name and logo.

Manu Álvarez Sobre Nosotros
certificado Autenticidad Manu Álvarez

Proceso de confección

To ensure quality and authenticity of our designs, 100% of the production takes place in Spain. Thanks to this we control all production stages and take care of every detail.

The first step in the creation of each new collection involves a previous work of study and trends acquisition by the design team. Once approved the designs, pattern-making department takes care of developing patterns that serve as the start point for the production of new collections.

Complex dresses and delicate fabrics are cut manually, ensuring quality on the final outcome of the designs. In order to optimize our process, Franc Sarabia uses latest technology available.

Once the cut stage is complete, starts the clothing process. A handmade work is done in order to take care of every detail, making an unique and unrepeatable dress.

Through the entire clothing process we make various tests to the dresses, checking they follow specifications of the design team and customer requests. This quality control is performed for each dress, before they are sent to our clients worldwide.